This is a drink that punctuates your day.

Imagine if you could get the same effect you would from coffee or an energy drink but without the crash or other side effects. An organic, non GMO product developed by doctors to enhance clarity and mental focus.

A product that doesn’t dehydrate you. A product you can count on like a friend. An honest friend – its that voice of reason that steers you in the right direction, not the friend that hypes you up for failure.

All of our ingredients are easy to spell, and easy to read.

Our most common testimonial is that they feel clarity, there is no spike, or crash, just clarity. Exactly what a business professional strives for. And out of all of the drinks available, PilotsFriend is the taste of clarity. It is sweet, like paradise.

Furthermore, the natural digestive properties found in ingredients such as lemon, ginger, chokeberries, gentian and cardamom makes PilotsFriend a refreshing addition to a decadent meal and the perfect prelude to a night out on the town.

You can taste all of the natural ingredients in perfect harmony. There is no artificial taste, because there is nothing artificial. 

If you are looking for a natures fix, PilotsFriend is the solution. 


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